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01.08.2019 - The third (and final) INSPIRE annual report is now available online!




In this document we present the INSPIRE platform - a bespoke website designed to bring together the very best practice and information for SMEs - including 128 management tools and 113 case studies!

03.09.2018 - The second INSPIRE annual report is now available online!




In this document you can find an overview of the outcomes of the INSPIRE analysis:  key recurring trends that lead to policy reflections about measures and support services to enhance the embedding of OI in an SME’s DNA.



29.08.2018 - Reactions to Horizon Europe




In the blog made available from ScienceDirect, you can find the latest  statements from research, industry or other organisations to the European Commission’s Horizon Europe proposal.



05.08.2018 - The  Power of Problem Exploration



In this article Prof. John Bessant, members of the INSPIRE advisory board, describes the importance of properly understanding the problem before thinking to the solution.



30.06.2018 - Open Innovation: Research, Practices, and Policies



 This article describes the state of open innovation at the intersection of research, practice, and policy. It discusses some key trends, challenges  and potential solutions (e.g., EU funding programs) in the context of open innovation and innovation policy.



30.05.2018 -  SME Instrument  Report 2018 “Presenting Europe's Innovation Kitchen”




This report offers an overview of three year of activity, the main results and first-hand insights into growth trends and profiles of the companies funded.





LUT will present the results of the statements-based expert judgement survey on open and collaborative innovation practices extracted from European SME Open Innovation cases (120 stories across EU), performed within the INSPIRE project.

26.04.2018 -  EIF Survey '18:  Fund managers’ market sentiment 



This first survey among venture capital general partner/ management companies has captured their perception of the EU VC market and the role of public as well as the expectations for the future.  


05.04.2018 - SME Instruments: commercial impact



The previous H2020 work programme showed that the SME instrument acted as accelerator.
Here an independent report that assessed the Performances of the First 70 closed Phase II Projects.


10.03.2018 - Statistics about the EU funded projects



See the work done in past and ongoing projects of Horizon 2020, FP7 and Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). View the statistics on H2020 proposals, success rates and funded projects and participants.


22.02.2018 - The book “Researching Open Innovation in SMEs” is published!



This edited volume offers insights into the state of the art on open innovation in SMEs and contains also a Systematic Review of the Literature on Open Innovation in SMEs.


Interactions between



Let’s discover how Nir-vana integrates the OPENiSME platform!




In this document you can find the
highlights of the INSPIRE analysis outcomes and the first 12 SME portraits (36 over the 3 years of the project) which can be considered as
inspirational examples of 0I practice.


The Open Innovation Platform NIR-VANA is online!


The NIR-VANA platform offers added value services/tools for all those innovation advisors and innovators willing to digitally transform the way they collaborate with all the players of the innovation value network!




We have just launched a survey to validate our findings from 120 cases on open innovation in SMEs. If you feel your expertise may help us in validating these results, please take a 15min-survey following the link by Dec 4th 2017.


 Case studies on IP strategy

The EPO, in collaboration with prominent IP experts, has elaborated a series of case studies on European SMEs which are benefiting from using IP, with a focus on the adopted IP strategy.


INSPIRE @ISPIM Conference 2017

At the last ISPIM Conference the scientific paper "‘Open Innovation: Exploring the reality for SMEs’  based on first INSPIRE outcomes was presented to a wide audience - around 500 innovation professionals from 50 countries. 


Best paper scientific award to an "INSPIRE paper"!

Based on the outcomes of the INSPIRE analysis of OI in SME practices, the paper presented at the University-Industry Interaction Conference won the award. See the abstract.

The Interim Evaluation of the Fast Track to Innovation (programme which enhances collaboration between research centres and high performing industry participants) has been published. 


H2020 SME INSTRUMENT impact report 2017

EASME published the SME instrument impact report which provides an overview of  the first 3 years of experience (over 2,000 SMEs funded, + 31,000 applications received, + 480 M € leveraged private capital ).


Inspire at two of the major OI conferences

INSPIRE is going to share the first ‘lessons learned’ which it has distilled from 120 case studies at the University-Industry Interaction Conference in Dublin, June 7-9 and at the XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference  in Vienna.


Profile of an Open Innovation Manager

Wim Vanhaverbeke, Jim Cheng and Henry Chesbrough have just completed a study about the typical profile of an open innovation manager in a large company.



First results of the INSPIRE research on OI in SMEs in EU!

The first part of the INSPIRE study aimed at understanding the issues affecting OI in European SMEs has already collected 308 OI case studies. Attached on overview of this portfolio.



3rd World Open Innovation conference

Barcelona, December 15-16, 2016

ESADE will host the third edition of the world's leading open innovation conference in Barcelona, which will bring together more than 170 academics, industry leaders and  innovators in the Open Innovation space.



New Initiative

Vareska van de Vrande, a member of the Advisory Board in the INSPIRE project, started a new initiative on Open Innovation


EU Research

The EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation delivers a speech on Open data for Open innovation.



The Three Os: Open Innovation

The book Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World - a vision for Europe brings together some of the key conceptual insights behind the "Three Os" and highlights actions that are already taking place or are being prepared at time of publication in May 2016….
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